Artists - Illustrators

Artist involved in the published work of Reginald Martin, as illustrators of his work or as cover/dustwrapper artists both in the UK and abroad.

Note: this is a Work in Progress !!

Acs, Laszlo: Illustrator of Boy's Choice which contains the three short stories Imperno Strikes Again, The Wild Ones and Toddy Proves his Point.

Baber, Frank: Illustrator of The Golden Wheels, Harrap 1961.

Bennett, Hofbauer: Dustwrapper artist of The Guns of San Rosala by 'Brett Cameron', Werner Laurie 1952.

Bishop, Harry: Illustrated the Pocomoto short story The Mustang in Swift Annual 1963. Quite possibly illustrated the previous two short stories in the preceding Annuals as well.

Burnard, Bill: Illustrated all three of the Trew Twins series of books for Brockhampton 1959-1961.

Burger, Weiner: Illustrated one of the German editions of Pocomoto - Cowboy Cavalier.

'Civardi': Signature on cover of the 1973 impression of the Italian edition of Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider from Fabri.

Cornwell, A. Bruce: Illustrated nine of the Kemlo series between 1954 and 1958; also the two Tas books in the Panther Library and, in addition, Okara the Hunter, the last three all in 1955.

Coton, Graham: Illustrated two of the books in the 'Bandit Story' set in 1964: Art and the Sounders and Killer Road.

Craig, George: Illustrated the last four Kemlo books, between 1959 and 1963.

Fijnheer, Dick: Provided dustwrapper and illustrations for the Dutch edition of Kemlo and the Crazy Planet, from Gottmer 1959.

Freeman, Terry: Artist of the entire Joey series of books by 'Robert Martin'. He provided all but the last with illustrations as well as dustwrapper artwork.

Garonzi, Luigi: Artist who produced the cover of Cosmo magazine published by Ponzoni of Milan in 1957 which contained the 'Rafe Bernard' story The Wheel in the Sky. He probably also created the line illustrations with the story.

Goldberg, Wolf: Signed the dustwrapper of Claws of the Cougar by 'Scott Martin', published by Werner Laurie in 1951.

'Gracia': Artist's signature on the cover of the Spanish combined edition of the two Girl from U.N.C.L.E. stories written as Simon Latter: The Golden Globules Affair and The Golden Boats of Taradata Affair.

'Gusmaroli': Illustrator of the Italian edition of Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider from Fabri in 1961.

Harman, Jack: Artist who illustrated thirteen of the Pocomoto stories from 1953 to 1956. His illustrations were used in the Merlin reprint of Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider but replaced for the other three Merlin reprints. He also illustrated the two Tas stories published in the Panther Library in 1954.

Hartogh, Jan: Illustrated the Dutch edition of Pocomoto and the Robber's Trail from Gottmer in 1960.

'Hauge': Artist's signature on the cover of the Norwegian edition of Pocomoto - Brush Popper.

'Hegland': Artist's signature on the covers of several of the Swedish Pocomoto books published by Wahlströms, including Pocomoto - Tenderfoot, Pocomoto and the Night Riders and Pocomoto and the Lazy River.

Hodgson, Robert: Illustrated nine of the Pocomoto books between 1957 and 1962. He also illustrated the two non-fiction books A Book of Highwaymen and A Book of Pirates published by Nelson in 1962.

Jobson, R.J.: Illustrated the first two Kemlo books for Nelson in 1954.

Kennedy, Richard: Illustrated the four Ginger Pennylove books for Hutchinson between 1958 and 1960.

Knight, Dame Laura: Illustrated The Circus Marches by 'Robert Martin' for Harrap in 1962.

Knotter, Wim: Dutch artist - was responsible for the dustwrappers and also, for some at least, of the books' illustrations when Gottmer republished some of the Pocomoto series and De Sleutel editions of at least two of the Kemlo series in the 1950s.

Lane, George: Illustrated the first six of the Dance and Co books by 'Robert Martin' between 1958 and 1960.

Laubi, Hugo: Illustrated one German edition of Pocomoto - Tenderfoot, published in 1959.

Leggatt, Douglas: Provided the dustwrapper artwork for The Torella Tigers by Graham Hill, as told to Robert Martin, in 1968 and for The Golden Boots by Denis Law - another book we suspect was created with RAM's assistance. Both books were published by Pelham Books.

McConnell, J.E.: Illustrated the second (probably the first as well ?) book by Mike Hawthorn - Carlotti Takes the Wheel, published by Cassell in 1959. This is another book we feel was created with the assistance of RAM.

Maitland, Antony: Illustrated the last two of the Dance and Co series by 'Robert Martin' in 1963 and 1964.

Marcuzzi. A: Illustrator of the Italian eition of Kemlo and the Space Lanes 1957.

Neustadtl, Harry: Illustrated the German edition of The October Story by 'Robert Martin' published by Carl Ueberreiter in 1962.

Nevin, Pat: The illustrator of A Book of Boys' Stories including the short stories by 'Nicholas Marrat'.

'NRS': Artist's signature on the dustwrapper of the first edition of Guns Across the Sholto.

Pagram, Edward: Illustrated the two Tony books by 'Robert Martin' published by Ernest Benn.

Piorto, Thomas: Produced the cover of the Spanish edition of Kemlo and the Sky Horse in 1958.

Redmill, H.: Illustrated the three 'career' books published by Harrap in 1959-60.

Sanataló, Alberto: Artist of the cover and internal illustrations of the Spanish edition of The Mystery of the Missing Passenger.

Steiger, Heinz: Illustrated the Buchergilde Gutenberg editions of Pocomoto and the Brush Popper and Pocomoto - Cowboy Cavalier in the early 1960s.

Tansley, Eric: Illustrated the first of only one Pocomoto book - Pocomoto and the Spanish Steed by 'Rex Dixon' published by Nelson in 1957.

'Tayler': Signature on the dustwrapper of The Prairie Dusters by 'Tex Bancroft'.

Valentine, D.G.: Illustrated two of the Dance and Co books for Nelson in 1961/2.

van Looy, R.: Illustrator the Dutch editions of Pocomoto - Bronco Buster and Pocomoto and the Lazy River by Gottmer and also the De Sleutel edition of Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider.

'Wilding': Signed the dustwrappers of The Sonora Trail by 'Hank McCoy' and two books at least by 'Brett Cameron': The Blue Sombrero and The Laughing Guns, all published by Werner Laurie.

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