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13th August 2017: A Guestbook message arrived this morning, from Anthony Cook - in Australia. I've added it to the 'Guestbook' page.

14th June 2014: I have discovered a problem on Internet Explorer - it's gone most peculiar on my system at least.
Your computer is probably set to save pages for a few days and reload the saved page from its memory rather than download afresh from the internet.
(You can change this - I altered it to save pages for 0 days - if I can remember how I did it I'll put a note in sometime.)
If it is set up like that and I've changed something on the site you will be a few days behind the change. To get round this you 'refresh' the screen by clicking a circular green or blue arrow somewhere at the top. This reloads the website from the internet.
Now - It used to go to the opening view, starting afresh at the Welcome page. Not Now ! On mine at least you get the right hand page displaying a second owl - a repeat of the left hand panel !
If you select one of the options above from the title bar it will appear in the right place, and you're back to normal - I hope

The trouble is probably that I programmed the website way back in 2001 and things were different then - If it drives you mad then I suggest you try Firefox or Google Chrome - The old-style programming format still works on them - and probably others as well.
I find these both 'cleaner' and 'slicker' than Explorer so I've not used IE for a year or so. So apologies if you've suffered meanwhile . .

Happy browsing !

(If this doesn't make much sense - blame the Chemo I'm on at the moment!)

P.S. I've upped the size of the type on this page - let me know if it's better/worse !

9th January 2014: Have added an interesting email from Norman Adlam - who read the Kemlo books as a child. See the 'Guestbook'.

4th June 2013: Apologies - I misread an email from Mike and have confirmed a book's appearing in the Western Monthly magazine when it hasn't been confirmed. Sorry about that, but I've now corrected the relevant pages so as not to mislead.
I must read emails carefully, I must read emails carefully, I must read emails carefully, I must read emails carefully, . . .

2nd June 2013: Mike has been delving deeper and has revealed more on Reginald Martin's books in the Australian pulp Western Magazine.
He has added a further five titles to those discovered earlier - so I've updated the magazine's page and added the details to the relevant books' pages.

26th May 2013: Australia is the source of the latest discovery (actually St Albans, here in England, but it's more dramatic to be International !) by Mike - where several Hank McCoy books of Reginald Martin's were published by the Western Monthly magazine.
I've created a page for the magazine, and added the detail to the pages of each of the books we know were published in the magazine.

27th March 2013: Another treasure Mike's uncovered is the Nelson Western paperback edition of Herds of Lampasa by Buck Savage. Savage is, we are pretty sure, one of Reginald Alec Martin's pseudonyms. Our logic has been strong enough to convince the British Library, but there still remains need for confirmation. This is why the books by Buck Savage, and books published under the name Burt Merrill, have not until now been included on the main title lists.
Until now. To simplify things I have now added them - with their supposed author's names - and they can now be reached directly from the main titles lists rather than via their authors names on the Index.
I shall shortly add pages for all these books, there are eight in all, and add iformation to them as we find it.

25th March 2013: Mike has continued to find rare editions, and has come up with a first edition of Carlotti Takes the Wheel, by the British motor racing champion Mike Hawthorn. We are sure that Reginald Martin ghosted his two books for children. The driver was tragically killed before they were published.
I have added Mike's scan of the dustwrapper and some detail of the first edition to its page.

5th January 2013 One other popular TV series, Daktari, had 'spin-off' books written by Reginald Martin, this time as Frank Denver. Two were published, both also appearing in German editions. Mike has obtained these from Germany, so I have added them to the books' pages, found under their English titles of The Pintu-Dogs and The Happy Hippo.
4th January 2013: You might remember the TV series in the 1960s The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. ?
Reginald Martin wrote two 'spin-off' books for 'Four Square' publishers as Simon Latter (see Source 9). One, at least, was also published in France, as Des Agents Tres Speciaux - l'affair des globules - presumably 'Des Agents Tres Speciaux' was the series title there. Mike has obtained a copy of this edition.
In Spain the series was known as La chica del C.I.P.O.L. and both the Simon Latter stories were combined into one book, with a lovely wrap-around cover picture.
Thanks to Mike's collection we have details of this as well. Both editions can be seen on the page for The Global Globules Affair and the Spanish book is also on the page for the The Golden Boats of Taradata Affair.

2nd January 2013:
Happy New Year to All our Readers !

We can offer you a new addition - the penultimate Kemlo book to join Mike's collection. This is Kemlo and the Craters of the Moon, first published by Nelson in 1955. I have added the details to the book's page and inserted its picture into the Spaceworld 'set' page - normally located via the Index above.
More covers will be added before long - Mike has been busy collecting while I have been tardy in adding the finds !

26th October 2012: The last Dutch for now - two more Pocomoto books: Pocomoto - Bronco Buster from De Sleutel and Pocomoto and the Robber's Trail from JH Gottmer - full details on the books' pages.
25 Oct continued : Added a link to the front page to the New, Bright, Cheerful, Exciting Facebook Page !!!

25th October 2012: Mike has filled in the gap of dustwrapper scans by buying a first edition of Pocomoto and the Golden Herd. I am delighted to add the full details and enlargeable scans to the book's page, and to complete the set on the Pocomoto page.

24th October 2012: Another two Dutch editions today - from De Sleutel Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts and from J H Gottmer Pocomoto - Tenderfoot.

23rd October 2012: More Dutch editions - two, both by De Sleutel, of the same book Pocomoto and the Night Riders. Although the books themselves are identical, the dustwrappers are very different.

21st October 2012: Two foreign editions of Pocomoto and the Indian Trails have fallen into Mike's hands. One, the Dutch hardback with dustwrapper, was published by J H Gottmer in 1959 and illustrated by Wim Knotter. Gottmer published at least 13 of the Pocomoto books in the late 1950s.
The second is the smaller, pocket hardback edition from the Swedish publisher B Wahlstrom. At least eight books by Reginald Martin appeared in these attractive editions.
Illustrations of these editions and more details are on the book's page.

17th October 2012: And now - Kemlo and the Zones of Silence - the second of the Spaceworld series. Mike obtained a copy of the Nelson edition with a pretty complete dustwrapper, so I've been able to doctor it and use it on the page, replacing the less detailed image Sam kindly sent.
In addition, he has plundered the Continent and returned with a Swedish edition and a very early Norwegian edition. This latter has the original black and white illustrations by R J Jobson, a rather puzzling artist.

Another Swedish edition to have joined Mike's expanding collection is the edition of Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider published by B Wahlstrom in 1955. I've added this to the book's page and updated the Wahlstrom page.

16th October 2012: The second of the books written as Hank McCoy - probably the most popular of Reginald Martin's pen-names for his Western books - Guns Across the Sholto has fallen into Mike's hands, complete with dustwrapper. So I've been able to add the gorgeous dustwrapper to the book's page.
He's also had delivery of a Swedish edition of Kemlo and the Crazy Planet, the first of the Spaceworld series; an attractive paperback edition.
This is the first of several foreign editions awaiting entry - watch this space !
15th October 2012: Mike has obtained copies of the first editions of two more Kemlo titles, Kemlo and the Star Men and Kemlo and the Space Invaders. I've added the details to their pages, as well as adding their pictures to the Spaceworld page.

28th September 2012: Buck Savage, writer of Western stories in the early 1950s is, we think, another of Reginald Martin's pen-names.
The first book published under this name was Lariats of Death. Mike has ridden far afield, dodged the bullets and roped a rare copy, and has sent me the picture I've just added to the book's page, along with some details of the book.

Un Ragazzo del West is the title of an Italian edtion of Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider and I'm delighted to announce the arrival of its details on that book's, growing, page.

26th September 2012: Another of Mike's foreign 'finds' is a German edition of Pocomoto - Tenderfoot. It's a late, 1979, issue under the title Pocomoto bei den Cowboys.
I've added its cover picture and more details to the book's page.
As Brett Cameron Reginald Martin wrote several Western books for adults. One of these, The Guns of San Rosala, Mike has found in a paperback edition from the 1950s. It has an attractive cover, sadly uncredited, which I've added to the book's page, with some notes on this edition.

27th August 2012: Mike obtained a first edition of Mike Hawthorn's book Carlotti Joins the Team.
I've added the ustwrapper scan and details of the book to the site. We believe that this was one of two books under Mike Hawthorn's name which were 'ghost' written by Reginald Alec Martin.

Another motor racing World Champion who was helped by Reginald Martin was Graham Hill, for his book The Torella Tigers, published in 1968 by Pelham Books. It was reissued in a paperback edition the folowing year in a French edition. It is that edition Mike has uncovered and I've added this afternoon.

26th August 2012: Have created and added pages for all of Reginald Martin's pseudonyms - giving brief details of the use of each name and linking to the books it was used for. Five are already on the site (find via Index), but I've now added pages for the another eight we know of. These are:
E C Eliott, Rafe Bernard, Rex Dixon, Robert Martin, Nicholas Marrat, Scott Martin, Simon Latter and Tex Bancroft. These are all the ones we know of so far . .

I have also corrected the entry about the British Library on the 'Sources' page. A while ago Mike contacted them about errors relating to Reginald Martin's records on the Catalogues. They very helpfully corrected these, including his birth date and added the pseudonyms to his record, listing all the books under the correct pseudonyms with the corrected birthdate. The way the catalogue is set up has had an unexpected result: no books appear as being 'by Reginald Alec Martin' - as none were published under that name.
I have adjusted the entry on the 'Biography' page to correct the British Library reference, and have also changed the note 'Possibly' a pseudonym for Buck Savage and Burt Merrill to Probably . .; reflecting the BL's confidence in our logic !

25th August 2012: Added the scan of Pocomoto and the Spanish Steed to the book's page with a description of Mike's copy, as well as the publisher's 'blurb' describing the book from the dustwrapper's front flap.
This means we have good cover details and illustrations of all but one of the first editions of these books. See the display page Pocomoto first editions collection via the Index.

23rd August 2012: Back to normal: the computer is settling in to being back - and with odd behaviour in some programs, is doing well.
In the intervening period there have been quite a few developments. I shall fill you in with these as I go. The bringing of the site up to date will take me some time as Mike especially hasn't rested in the hunt for new information. He has also acquired more books, so information is to add to many of the books' pages.
I'll add material as and when I can get round to it, and put detail on this page as I go.

Today I've uploaded an updated picture from Patrick Baker, showing his display of all the Pocomoto book covers on one picture, many thanks for that Patrick, and apologies for the delay in uploading it. It replaces the original one in his message in the Guestbook.

I have also added the information and illustrations on the first few of the books Mike obtained while the computer was suffering. These are Pocomoto and the Indian Trails and Pocomoto and the Lost Hunters. He's recently acquired Pocomoto and the Spanish Steed - so I'll add this soon.

P.S. I've also, sometime in August, added details and picture of the Nelson hardback of Pocomoto and the Texas Ranger

16th July 2012: Computer failure a few weeks back - it's being rebuilt as I write - so this is a quick message by pigeon, string and sealing wax . .

Any Lone Pine readers - or if you're interested in Children's books, watch Countryfile on Sunday 22nd July - 7:15pm - there's Saville stuff !! (BBC1 TV)

See: click here (thanks for passing it on Steven)

* * Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible * *

17th May: Patrick Baker, long time Pocomoto enthusiast, contacted us on Sunday. His email is in the Guestbook, along with a display picture showing all the covers of the first editions !
You have to enlarge the picture to get the full detail - hopefully my instructions are clear enouigh - but this is a wonderful display. Several of the books we've never seen - some only in very poor tiny scans - and here they all are. Many thanks go to Patrick, and especially for allowing the picture to go on the site.
I've already 'tapped' him for answers to some questions about the books we haven't found yet - and he's clarified some points which I'd assumed but been in error. His knowledge will prove invaluable to us I'm sure, and to those trying to find good copies of the books.
Incidentally, the display also includes a picture showing the front board and spine of the Nelson hardbacks displaying the logos and the characteristic lettering used on all the books - only the individual title has been blanked from both.
Thanks again, Patrick.

14th May: Thanks to Lou Harrison of TP Books I've obtained three more Pocomoto books for myself - including an ex-library copy of Pocomoto and the Mexican Bandits - with dustwrapper. It has a white label scar on the spine, but is otherwise complete. With a bit of patching up of the picture it looks fine (don't be fooled by the pristine condition of some of our dustwrappers - their completeness owes more to Photoshop than capital investment !). I've added it to the site.

A while back I added all the Dance and Co first editions onto one 'album' page. I've done the same now for the Pocomoto books, as well as the Joey books and the Merlin paperbacks. The two foreign publishers Wahlströms and Lindqvist have their books also on separate pages. These can all be found via the Index.
Where we do not have an image of the book, I've inserted an 'Awaiting Picture' image. For some, I'm sure, we'll be a-waiting' a long time.

9th May 2012: Many of the Kemlo and the Pocomoto series were published in other countries, yet of the Joey books, as far as we know, only four appeared abroad and these only in one country: Sweden. Books in the other main series, Dance and Co - don't appear to have been published abroad - with the sole exception of one, and that only in Spain. Were these stories too obviously based in London ?
El misterio del pasajero desaparedico was published in 1972, a year after the author's death, by the publishers Picazo. Mike has obtained a copy and I've added its portait and description to the book's page - The Mystery of the Missing Passenger.

7th May 2012: In the following two years another pair of Pocomoto books appeared from B Wahlströms - in 1958 Poco som sheriff and the folowing year Poco på guldjakt, being editions of Pocomoto and the Night Riders and Pocomoto and the Lazy River. Both these are now displayed on their relevant pages.

3rd May 2012: The Joey books were not the only of Reginald Martin's books to appear in Swedish editions, four, at least, of the Pocomoto series were published in the 1950s by B Wahlströms, of Stockholm.
The first two to appear were Poco tar hårda tag in 1956 and Poco som cowboy in 1957; editions of Pocomoto - Tenderfoot and Pocomoto - Bronco Buster.
Mike has obtained all four - these two have been added today.
1st May 2012: The other two Joey books published in Sweden in the early 1960s have been now added. These are Joe och postkuppen and Joe och den gyllene kvadraten.
To view the notes and pictures of the covers you will need, once more, to decipher the titles !

27th April 2012: Today's addition is another of the Swedish Joey books, Joe möter spöken. To find it you will have to look on the book's page under its English title. Aha ! A challenge. . .
Hint: look for 'Foreign Titles' in the 'Index'.
- 26th April 2012: I have added a Swedish edition of Joey of Jasmine Street to the site this morning. Mike continues to trawl the internet for foreign editions and has hauled in his net to reveal several of these Joey books, some Pocomotos and a Spanish surprise.

11th April 2012: So far we have discovered several of Reginald Martin's pseudonyms. It is almost certain that he wrote under others. Two contenders we've added to the site today - one we're fairly certain of, the other so far only by association of publishers and 'pairing' with the former.
These are Buck Savage and Burt Merrill.
If you read the publisher's 'blurb' on Hank McCoy RAM's most successful Western pen-name - which can be found on the Hank McCoy page via the Index - then read the "blurb" describing Buck Savage, from his book Call of the Canyon, reproduced similarly on his page - you will see why Mike immediately suspected a link to Reginald Martin.
The page on Burt Merrill explains the more tenuous link to his being another of RAM's creations.
The book Call of the Canyon can be found via its author's page.

10th April 2012: Mike has also obtained a Nelson hardback of Kemlo and the Space Men, first published in 1959, the first of the series to be illustrated by George Craig. I've added its dustwrapper and details to the book's page.

6th April 2012: I've added two more of Mike's new acquisitions: Pocomoto - Tenderfoot from 1953, the second in this popular Western series for children. So we now have the description and picture of the first edition dustwrapper.
His most popular, but less well known, main series of Westerns for adults were written as Hank McCoy. They aren't as easy to come across, but Mike has obtained a copy of Guns across the Sholto from 1950. Unfortunately it has no dustwrapper, but I have added a picture of the title page which expands to show the opposite page as well, with its copy of the 'blurb' about the story and the author, and also shows the logo of the series.

5th march 2012: On 2nd March there had been 34 visits to the site in the 6 days since I added the counter. This morning the toyal had risen to . . 9 !! Something wrong somewhere. I have removed the counter. I'll have a look at other options . .

2nd March 2012: Mike has obtained anothr of the 'Real McCoy' - Savage City. Its dustwrapper is now on the site and the description updated, as is the Hank McCoy page.

1st March 2012: I have compiled a list of artists who have illustrated the books and/or produced dustwrapper or cover illustrations. They include those of foreign editions we have discovered so far. The list appears on the left in the same way as the book titles and index - when selected from Artists on the title bar at the top of the page or from the Index.

26th February 2012: I've added Sam's photograph of his books to Source 11. These are some of the books, signed by the author, from the sale in Nottingham in 2002. Inside one of the books he made a surprise find. This is pictured as well !

Last night I added a 'counter' to the 'Welcome' page to start counting visits we get. I'm not sure whether I'll leave this one on - but meanwhile it will be interesting to see if anyone is out there reading this !!

25th February 2012: Many of the books we've found and I've been able to add lots of detail to the site. Some, however, are more dificult to get hold of. However, even for these a little information has been gathered, if only the publisher and published date !
Six Pocomoto books remain with no cover pictures of the first editions, five Kemlo books likewise and in addition half a dozen of the Western books he wrote for adults are just names and dates as yet. However, we do have this minimal detail so I have today added the information to the site. All the titles listed now have pages, with at least a smidgin of information.

24th February 2012: The three Pocomoto short stories which appeared in the Swift annuals have now a page each, as well as featuring on the Swift Annuals page devoted to the editions containing them. The latter can be found in the Index.

23rd February 2012: I have added two pages - on two of the authors of Western books - Hank McCoy and Brett Cameron. Actually both, as you will know, are Reginald Martin.
The pages have a summary of his work under each name and relevant quotes from the dustwrappers of their books. They may be found by way of the index.

22nd February 2012: Mike's copy of the Brett Cameron book The Guns of San Rosala has arrived and I've added the dustwrapper and its details to its page.

21st February 2012: Mike's research uncovered an entry for the author in the American Library of Congress 'Catalog of Copyright entries' for 1953. (Source 13). This uncovered another pseudonym and book title: Brett Cameron and The Guns of San Rosala !
Rapid hunting revealed a further three titles and a new Western series . . . The four books are listed under the pseudonym in the 'Titles' section with the 'author and series' option. Mike has already obtained two of the books and their pictures are on the pages - for the first - The Blue Sobrero and the second - The Laughing Guns. All four books have some information, but at the monent only the first two are illustrated.

I have updated the Biography page with a summary of the author's career as far as we know so far - with some conjecture - please contact us with your thoughts, Cheers, John.

19th February 2012: Thanks to the generosity of Peakirk Books - see Links (above) - we now have photocopies of the dustwrappers of three Pocomoto books, they currently have for sale.
This has enabled us to add the covers to the site and also the front flap 'blurb' describing the stories as well as the cover price information. Thee three books are Pocomoto and the Texas Pioneers, Pocomoto and the Lazy Sheriff and Pocomoto and the Warrior Braves.
Grateful thanks to Heather and Jeff for their asistance. As mentioned above, I've added a link to the Links page to give you access to their site - and catalogue etc. with contact details.

18th February 2012: ERROR - Corrected . Mike pointed out to me that I had dated the uniformed photo of the author on the front page as 1949, whereas the original reference is to its being in 'the latter years of the second world war'. I've now corrected it to read 'about 1944' (c.1944). Apologies for that.

A couple of months ago I bought a two old, 1959, paperback Kemlo books on Ebay. The first wasn't too badly scuffed, but the second cover scan was going to take a bit more tidying on the computer before going on the site. It's now done and can be found on the Kemlo and the Space Lanes page.

17th February 2012: Killers of Red Canyon is the earliest R.A.M. book we know of. It's the first of a series of Western stories he wrote for the publishers Werner Laurie. undwer the name Hank McCoy.
We hoped that we might learn something about the author from this, assuming that it was his first book. Mike has found a copy and its cover's now on the site, unfortunately the artist hasn't signed the work, nor is it credited.
Sadly there is no new information about the author, but there is some information about the next, forthcoming, book Guns across the Sholto so I've opened a page for that as well.

16th February 2012: Todays new aquisitions from Mike are two.
Firstly a dustwrappered copy of Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts so I've been able to add the cover picture - including spine if enlarged (as with virtually all of the book pictures) and also the full descriptive 'blurb' from the dustwrapper flap.
Secondly is the American paperback edition of The Halo Highway, a spin-off book from the television series The Invaders which he wrote under the name Rafe Bernard. For this edition it was renamed Army of the Undead and, thanks to Mike, its picture has joined the others.

15th February 2012: The first two of the Spaceworld series have come into Mike's hands - so I've been able to add the cover of Kemlo and the Crazy Planet with book description and the 'blurb' from the dustwrapper flap.
Similarly I've added detail and the 'blurb' from Kemlo and the Zones of Silence but, for the moment at least, retained the earlier scan of the dustwrapper front only.
More will follow . .

14th February 2012: I've added the dustwrapper picture and blurb from Mike's copy of Pocomoto and the Robbers' Trail to the book's page. Some Kemlos will be next . . .

13th February 2012: I've some catching up to do - Mike's sent me pics of four book we haven't shown and my friends at Peakirk Books have sent three dustwrapper pictures of books they have for sale that we haven't got on the site. On top of that Mike has obtained a copy of the Italian magazine with the story The Wheel in the Sky in it, as well as information on a Spanish edition.
To top that he's discovered yet another name that R.A.M. used !
Bit by bit I shall add the new material over the next week or two . . . Today I've added details and pictures of those foreign editions to The Wheel in the Sky.
20th January 2012: Mike acquired a first edition of The Wheel in the Sky which - in the flood of other books arriving got unmentioned earlier, and Steven discovered that the book had appeared in Italy - in a magazine !
I've added full details to the site, and mentioned the two Sci-Fi sites which provided us with this information. I've also added links to those sites on the Links page.
The other Rafe Bernard book - The Halo Highway - I'd also omitted to add to the Foreign editions page, so I've corrected that. That page is a 'work in progress' and will grow steadily I'm sure as time goes on.

11th January 2012: The author lived in Nottingham in the late 1940s and when he moved south he brought some of his characters with him. the heroes of the Dance and Co Detectives series moved to London from Nottingham after the war. More is about them and the books on their page - via the Index.
I've missed out some foreign editions from the main pages as we're doubtful if they are by Reginald Martin. I've put details of these, and our thoughts, on the Frank Denver page.
I've also added a list of foreign Titles - with links to the books. (find both via Index)

10th January 2012: Morning: Mike has sent me details of six Dutch editions he's recently acquired !
We did a hunt for foreign editions last August - so, while I process the newest information, I've put a summary of our 'findings' from the simple internet search of copies for sale. It's found via Foreign Editions: survey - summary in the Index.
Evening: Mike's finds are:
Two different Dutch editions of Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider, and a paperback edition of Kemlo and the Crazy Planet as well as hardback editions of Pocomoto - Bronco Buster, Pocomoto and the Canyon Treasure, and Pocomoto and the Lazy River.
I've now added these pictures and details to the relevant pages - and have added about eighty foreign editions as well - except for some we can't yet place for certain with their original titles - these are listed on an Unidentified page - found under Foreign in the Index. If you can identify any of the titles please let us know !
Exhausted - I shall now wend my weary way to bed. Goodnight !

9th January 2012: Sam has sent photographs of some of the first edition Kemlo books he bought, all signed by the author as E C Eliott . (see Source 11 via Index).
I'll add some more information to the Source 11 page eventually, but meanwhile it has enabled me to add illustrations of the dustwrappers to the pages on Kemlo and the End of Time, Kemlo and the Zones of Silence and Kemlo and the Zombie Men.
So especial thanks go to Sam.

1st January 2012: A Happy New Year to all ! One thing leads to another - I've now added a copy of Jo's picture taken at her wedding back in 1967 with enlarged details of Reginald and his wife - these to the 'Sources' page, and as you may have noticed - put one on the 'Welcome' page - taking the opportunity to readjust the lettering and rearrange the wording in a more logical format.
We've come a long way in 6 months - thank you from both of us for the help that many people have given freely.
John and Mike

29th December 2011: A glass be raised to Steven Handy ! He has solved a Mystery for us !
I returned from Christmas in Scotland to find two books waiting for me - two Science fiction paperbacks by a Rafe Bernard. This is the mysterious 'Ralph Bernard' listed by the auction house as one of Robert Martin's pseudonyms. No wonder we couldn't find him. Steven looked in the Encyclopaedia of Science Fiction, found the Kemlo reference and read on - to clear up the mystery - Well done Steven ! Very many thanks.
I have added a Sources page to the site - giving details of the auction catalogue, the author's will and other sources including a link to the Encyclopaedia mentioned above - it can be found via the Index . I have also added pages on the two new books - The Wheel in the Sky and The Halo Highway.
* A Happy New Year to all *

14th December 2011: Apologies to Angela, I thought I'd uploaded your message for the Guestbook days ago ! - Sorry about that.

Gary Sobers is a name from the past - well remembered by more than those who love cricket. His autobiography in 1966 bears a thank-you message to R A Martin for his assistance with the book - one of several sporting authors who were indebted to him for works which bear their name.
Gary Sobers' autobiography is Cricket Crusader. The page is added.

8th December 2011: More of Mike's finds have enabled me to add the dustwrapper picture of Okara the Hunter to the books 'page' - the artist A Bruce Cornwell, is better known for his Space adventure illustrations when he worked in Frank Hampson's team of illustrators for the Dan Dare series in Eagle comic in the 1950s. He, of course, illustrated the two Tas books and nine of the Kemlo books.
One of these, Kemlo and the Gravity Rays, has been another of Mike's finds - so that page is now graced with a colour picture of the front of the dustwrapper as well as the book's 'blurb' from the dustwrapper flap.

The third find is The Golden Wheels by 'Robert Martin'. This is an unusual book, hardly what one would expect from the pen of a children's adventure story writer.
It's a non-fiction title really - telling the story of the tractor, its development and significance - and shows another, less known, side of the author's skills.

4th December 2011: The other day, before the snow and ice came, I had a run out to a bookshop I hadn't been to for a long time - and bought a copy of Pocomoto and the Canyon Treasure. A great find - although Mike already has a copy. When I returned home the post had been and there was a copy of Pocomoto and the Desert Gold waiting for me. We've already acquired a copy of the hardback - but this was one of the early paperbacks - a Nelson Junior edition. It's in lovely condition so I've added its picture to that book's page.
Reginald Martin wrote these western stories as Rex Dixon but, oddly, he also used that name for two of his non-fiction, non-western books. Mike has now obtained both of these, so A Book of Highwaymen has joined A Book of Pirates in having its own page.

30th November 2011: Art and the Sounders is one of four Bandit books written as Robert Martin and published by Ernest Benn in the 1960s apparently aimed at young people with a difficulty in reading. Between us we now own copies of all four and have created a page for the title with pictures of the first edition dustwrapper and bibliographic details. I've also expanded the entry on another of these books Killer Road.

29th November 2011: Two motor-racing books, reflecting one of the author's major enthusiasms, have come to our ownership.
One is the German edition of The October Story which Mike has obtained and so I've been able to add its details and picture to the book's page. The second was nominally written by Mike Hawthorn but was, we are sure, written with the assistance at least of Reginald Martin. This is Carlotti Takes the Wheel, the second of two books about the hero, both of which were published not long after Mike Hawthorn's tragic death in 1959.
It is, as far as we are aware, the only one of his books to have appeared in a Children's Book Club edition and so it not too difficult to find with a dustwrapper.

23rd November 2011: Two more Robert Martin books have fallen into Mike's clutches - The Circus Marches published by Harrap and Tony and the Champ from Ernest Benn.
Details of both have been added to the site. Incidentally I have changed the listings so that when Titles is selected (above) the first list to appear on the left is the one of all titles in alphabetical order. To select the list ordered in authors and series - just select that option at the top of the displayed list.
I feel that this will be more useful than the original setting.

15th November 2011: Mike has obtained a first edition of Kemlo and the Satellite Builders from 1960. As it is complete with dustwrapper it has meant that I've been able to add a decent picture of it, as well as more detail to the book's description.
That means we now have decent pictures of 5 of the 15 Kemlo books !

14th November 2011: Another Guestbook message !! - added it this morning.

11th November 2011: Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts 1954 or 1955 ? Mike emailed me to point out my error - I had the book as first published 1955 - but advertised First editions are all 1954 !
I have corrected the main entry - I had taken the date from my second impression of 1955, which states that the first was 'February 1955'. Is that an error ?
Could the first have been planned for 1954 and printed with that date and then for some reason publication was delayed until early the following year ?
Interestingly, the Kemlo page on the Collecting Book and Magazines site (see 'Links') has 1955 as well.
Another mystery !
Does anyone have an inscribed first edition 'to Fred, Christmas 1954' ???

9th November 2011: Mike has obtained the Nelson edition of Pocomoto and the Canyon Treasure so I've added the picture of the dustwrapper and details to that book's page, which, until now, had only the picture of the Nelson Junior paperback edition, which jim Mackenzie kindly sent us.
Mike has also recently obtained a copy of Sonora Trail with dustwrapper. Not only has that given me the chance to add the illustration to that page, but there is a fascinating description of the author's life (Reg Martin wrote this book as Hank McCoy) which appears on the dustwrapper's rear flap.
I have put this in full on the book's page.

8th November 2011: Have at last got around to some updating - scans from Jim Mackenzie and Mike have been piling up for some time - so I've I've started by adding the fisrt editions of Pocomoto and the Desert Gold, thanks to Jim and also Kemlo and the Purple Dawn and Pocomoto and the Snow Wolf from Mike to their pages, with bibliographical notes and transcriptions of the publisher's blurb for each.

A message has arrived in the Guestbook - from Steve Axford - please feel free to get in touch.

14th October 2011: Completed the list of Dance and Co. books by uploading the page for the second book in the series, The Mystery of the Golden Skulls.

13th October 2011: The first of the two cowboy stories written for Nelson's Panther Library, under the name Rex Dixon, already known for his Pocomoto series, was Pete of the Wild Grass Country.
I have created a page for the book and added a scan of the dustwrapper as well as some detail of the 'first edition(s)' of this book.

12th October 2011: I have uploaded two new pages - for The Mystery of the Car Bandits, the first of the Dance and Co adventures set in London, and The October Story the first of the three career-angled books, published by Harrap, and aimed at older boys. This one leads to a career in motor racing for the main character.

2nd October 2011: Jim Mackenzie, whose generous sharing of illustrations of his copies has enabled us to carry dustwrapper scans of several editions which would otherwise go unseen, has sent a copy of the publisher's 'blurb' from his copy of Pocomoto - Brush Popper.
I am intending to put all these on for all the books we can as they provide a useful record often lost when the dustwrapper crumbles !
So I have added Jim's latest piece of information to that book's page.

Mike has obtained a Nelson copy of Kemlo and the Crazy Planet and I have added pictures and descriptive summary to that book's page.

What we need now is someone as generous as Jim who has some Kemlo titles !

30th September 2011: Having obtained two more first editions, I have been able to add dustwrapper pictures and details to Pocomoto - Bronco Buster and Pocomoto and the Texas Ranger.
Both Mike and I have been buying books constantly, as soon as I'm nearly getting up to date with the scans and typing up - more arrive - or Mike sends me a load of scans !!
This afternoon I have created three new pages for some of these books: The Prairie Dusters - an adult Western and one of only two we know of written under the name Tex Bancroft. The September Story is one of three 'career' dramas he wrote for boys and the third is a light-hearted story featuring the 'Trew Twins'; this is The Money Mystery.

29th September 2011: Have added detail and scans of two editions to the Pocomoto - Cowboy Cavalier page.

27th September 2011: In the hope that we might get some indication that someone other than ourselves is looking at the site - I've added a 'Guestbook' page (link above).
An email sent to me via the link on that page will soon appear there - please make use of it - and put RAM Guestbook in the 'subject line or it might end up on the wrong site !. Happy reading.

26th September 2011: Now that a fair number of the titles listed are connected to pages with illustrations and further details - I have created an alternative list - purely in order of title of the work, ignoring the leading 'The' or 'A'. This can be selected from the top of the 'Titles' list organised by pen name and series.
This will make it easier to find details of any particular title.

Thanks to Mike's hunting prowess - I have been able to add details of one of the adult Westerns - Riders of Reckless Gold by Hank McCoy from the Book Club edition he's obtained.
As Rex Dixon Reginald Alec Martin wrote the children's cowboy books, but also two non-fiction titles - see A Book of Pirates, obtained by Mike. It has a dramatic cover by Robert Hodgson, one of the Pocomoto book illustrators.
On my way back from Edinburgh, in August, I called at Barter Books in Alnwick - and found an unusual eition of Tas and the Space Machine which appeared as by E C Eliott. It is a Panther Library edition, as is the familiar red boarded hardback edition, but this is different. See the new page.

25th September 2011: Some time ago Mike discovered two collections of short stories originally published by Golden Pleasure Books and later by Hamlyn.
Boys Choice contained a short story by a Nicholas Marrat but copyrighted to 'R.A. Martin'. Which lead Mike to uncover the other collection. This was A Book of Boys Stories.
Between them they have provided a further ten short stories written by Reginald Alec Martin under three of his pen-names. These are The Wild Ones by Rex Dixon and Toddy Proves his Point by Robert Martin and the eight others written as Nicholas Marrat. I have now added details of the two books to the Index, and pages about each story can be found via the Titles list. Each of the stories has an illustration - and I may well be able to add these later.

15th September 2011: added the scans and some details of two Merlin paperbacks - Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider and Pocomoto and the Robber's Trail to the relevant pages.

14th September 2011: Added Mike's scan of his Nelson Pocomoto and the Circus Folk dustwrapper - and, having recorded the 'blurb' on the front flap - adjusted my comments on the lovely frontispiece copy that Jim sent.

By the way - last week's Mid Sussex Times had an article about Reginald Alec Martin - prompted by Mike's letter to the editor and we hope that there will be some feed-back from locals who knew him in the Haywards Heath area.

13th September 2011: Three more additions today - the Merlin paperback edition of Kemlo and the Star Men, the first edition dustwrapper of Pocomoto and the Li'l Fella and, from Jim, the Merlin edition of Pocomoto and the Texas Rangers. By coincidence - I had completed the first two before an email from Jim arrived with the colour frontispiece of the second mentioned book. A treat for later !

12th September 2011: Another burst of activity - I have added the picture of the Nelson Junior paperback edition from 1960 to the Pocomoto and the Canyon Treasure page. This is another from Jim Mackenzie's collection, for whose continued help with these difficult editions we are most grateful.
Mike has sent me info and scans of the other three new additions. Firstly another Rex Dixon, a first edition this time, of Pocomoto and the Lazy River and two others, both written as by Robert Martin and first, and possibly the only, editions of The Secret Boat and The Laughing Carpenter.

11th September 2011: Oh foolish statement. I was 'struck down' by something nasty before I could complete the articles - Sorry Malcolm Saville - but all is getting better now.
Meanwhile I have accumulated a load of emailed scans and notes about the books to add to the site, thanks mainly to Mike's continued efforts and the good offices of Jim Mackenzie along with one or two I've found myself.
I have now started 'touching up' the scans - hiding tears etc, and transcribing the 'blurbs' in part at least to add to the pages. So, probably slowly, this information will be added to the site.
Today I am adding scans and details of The April Story, The Chinese Box and The Mystery of the Poisoned Puppet, all three written as 'Robert Martin'.

24th August 2011: Realised that I hadn't recorded the addition of the Kemlo and the Space Lanes and Pocomoto - Tenderfoot pages the other day .
I am having a break for a few days to complete the publishing history and location articles for Mystery Mine by Malcolm Saville for its forthcoming publication by Girls Gone By.

21st August 2011: Have processed and added information Mike has sent me, with scans, to the pages on Kemlo and the Space Horse and Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider.

20th August 2011: Thanks to Jim I've been able to add two new illustrations - firstly of the 1959 paperback edition of Kemlo and the Martian Ghosts - to that book's page, and secondly the colour frontispiece by Robert Hodgson from the first edition of Pocomoto and the Circus Folk.
Thanks once again Jim.
Mike and I are continuing to accumulate books steadily, so there will be more appearing in the next few weeks - as soon as we can work through them !
I have started this afternoon by adding three - not on the face of it anything to do with the author. These are Bonaventure and the Flashing Blade a mixture of computers and cricket - by Gary Sobers, The Golden Boots a story of football by Denis Law and finally The Torella Tigers by Graham Hill which, years after it was written, could have stimulated Lewis Hamilton's introduction to motor sport.
What have these to do with Reginald Alec Martin - well we believe that all these were 'ghost' written by him (there's a fairly obvious clue on the cover of the last mentioned !).

17th August 2011: Jim Mackenzie has sent us the first of several promised scans - this one of the dustwrapper of Nelson's intriguingly named Pocomoto - Brush Popper. Many thanks Jim.
Mike, meanwhile, has discovered that the author used yet another name - Nicholas Marrat - for the publication of some short stories in the middle to late 1960s ! As a result I have changed the Books label to Titles above and added their titles to the list, more details will follow in time . . .

15th August 2011: Returned from a visit to Edinburgh calling in at Alnwick to visit Barter Books again (I called in on the way up as well !). What a place ! I obtained some interesting books with their help - including a copy of The Mystery of the Friendly Forger for myself - so I've added some detail to that I gleaned from Mike's copy - but also a copy of Sonora Trail sadly, oh very sadly, without dustwrapper - but the first copy of one of the books by Hank McCoy. I have added details to the site - along with a scan of the hardback's spine.

8th and 9th August 2011: Have entered the next batch of my precious specimens of early Robert Martin books. They are The Mystery of the Bullion Robbery, The Mystery of the Long Shadow, Gangster Pie and The Born Mechanic.

6th August 2011: Mike has sent me covers of, and descriptions of, Tas and the Postal Rocket and The Mystery of the T V Crooks which I've processed and added to the site.

4th August 2011: As a break from adding book titles, this morning I've added a page about the Daktari television programme which led to the publishing of two of the author's books in 1967. It can be found by looking in the Index - selected above.

2nd August 2011: Added twenty more Pocomoto book pages - one for each of the titles with, as yet, no cover pictures.
All have basic information and some have other editions listed, with details where known. There are quite a few foreign editions to be added, and no doubt corrections to be made; so plenty of interest there I hope. Happy browsing !

1st August 2011: Mike has obtained Nelson edition of Pocomoto - Buffalo Hunter with a dramatic dustwrapper by Jack Harman. He's sent me a scan and some notes so I've been able to open a page for this title.
Keep 'em coming, Mike !

30th July 2011: Added details of a paperback edition of The Claws of the Cougar I found, and some detail of the original edition of Okara the Hunter from an edition I obtained - sadly without a dustwrapper.

***29th July 2011: Added pages for all the Kemlo books - mainly more or less blank canvases as yet.
Mike is collecting loads of information on foreign editions which we'll add as it gets sorted - but the problem is illustrations of the covers of these Kemlo editions - and, to a certain extent it will be similar for the Pocomoto series - in that we shall be able to get hold of the paperback copies easily enough to examine and to scan, but the hardbacks are rarer, and appreciably more expensive. Here we shall rely on your help.
Please check the information I've added already - email extra information if you can from copies you have - reprint dates - cover prices etc - and, if you have a decent dustwrapper you could scan or photograph that would be wonderful !
Think about it and drop us an email at the Email link on the front page/title bar.
We have some pictures from advertisements, but often the quality is not very good and anyway I don't like using pictures without the permission of the book's owner.

28th July 2011: Uploaded the last of the books we have until the post arrives: The Pintu Dogs, and while I was on - had another looks at, and tweaked, the display on the Joey page.

27th July 2011: Another session - added the books: Pocomoto and the Night Riders, The Mystery of the Friendly Forger and The Mystery of the Missing Passenger this morning, and Killer Road, Claws of the Cougar, Okara the Hunter and Pocomoto - Pony Express Rider this afternoon.

26th July 2011: This morning I completed information pages on three more books: Tony and the Secret Money, The Happy Hippo and what was probably his last book, the Personna Year Book of Sports No 1.
This afternoon added all the introductory 'blurbs' from the front flaps of the dustwrappers to each page of the Joey series.

24th July 2011: Added the Links page which includes the important primary sites of interest. More will, undoubtedly, follow.
Added pages for four book: Pete and the Prairie People, The Mystery of the Motorway, The Mystery of the Pay-Snatchers and The Gold Elephant. Those pages now linked on the Books list above. More to follow.

23rd July 2011: updated information on the Joey books pages to add information from Mike's copies.
Also added a page on the Joey series - a sort of introduction - follow the link - or find it on the Index.
Started the Biography page - giving what we know of the author - so far, and linked it to the title page.
I've also added an Email link to the title bar (above) to make it easier for you to drop us a message.

21st July 2011: Received a copy of Joey and the Helicopter from Mike - with a much more complete dustwrapper than mine so scanned and replaced it on the book's page.
Mike has also sent information and scans of other books he has - I shall add this information in the next few days, all being well. I shall also put some guidelines out about how you may be able to help clarify/solve some puzzles !

18th July 2011 14:52: Site launched - with basic biblio material in for all Joey books. Open the champagne !

18th July 2011: Started to add details to the Joey books pages.
Colour linked the title links in green for the lists which open on the left-hand side of the screen.
Created a 'Page under Development' announcement so that the two outstanding listed areas can be left until thay are ready and not delay the uploading of the site longer than is necessary to get basic info on the Joey pages.
Changed the colour of the title band to stress the break between top and bottom of the screen.

17th July 2011: A long day modifying the old 'Joey' site to include all the books we know of written by R-A-M.
I've decided to use the same set-up as the other two sites*, with a page each for each book - and small cover illustrations which will enlarge when 'clicked'.
Have loaded up new scans of the 'Joey' series dustwrappers, scanned at 600dpi - then reduced severely for display. I could do with some better covers ! I have left the original dates on the pages - but added the 'publication' date for information. I have added some information to the Index, and now this 'Extra' - Latest News page - on which I'll indicate alterations/updates/corrections as and when I add them.
When I have put something on the other main pages - Biog notes and start the links to other sites - then I shall upload this lot.
Still haven't decided whether the title section needs to be a different base colour/design. It'll have to wait.

* www.monicaedwards.co.uk and www.malcolmsaville.co.uk

16th July 2011: A great relief - Have put the 'poster/announcement' page up 'live'. Having got the website domain name 'free' - it was live though there was no site for it to link to. Very reassured to get it working . Tomorrow I shall start to construct the site - and then modify the 'poster' to be part of the new front page.

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